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Erin Smith


photo-14Erin Smith’s main passion in life is learning. She constantly strives to do better in all she is involved in. Currently, Erin is a ninth grader in Kansas.

She has done science and engineering based research for six years outside of school, most recently at KU Medical Center. She has won several awards for her research, ranging from local to national levels.

Erin also participated in an engineering based competition this past year called Future City. Erin’s team won first place at the regional competition. She was a team leader and presenter in this project.

She is also an avid writer, with several awards for her pieces. Erin loves to play the piano, run, and referee soccer.

Her future aspirations include traveling and starting her own nonprofit organization.

In her words, “Leadership is possessing the ability to see the light in others, and then guiding them to see and recognize that light in themselves. There are no better leaders than teenagers, who can see the purest, brightest form of this light in others.”


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