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Jwahir Sundai



Jwahir Sundai is a high school senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is also an entering freshmen at Bryn Mawr College, a top liberal arts and all-women school located in suburban Philadelphia. She has recently won many scholarships such as the Posse Foundation Scholarship (full tuition four years apart of Bryn Mawr STEM Posse 15) and Comcast Leaders and Achievers. She has served as Co-Chair of the Cambridge Youth Council for the past two years and is a member of the International Youth Council.

Jwahir is also involved in several boards and consultation roles. She has been a part of the Teen Advisory Board and an intern for the Cambridge Science Festival since freshmen year. Jwahir is an Ambassador for Sponsr.Us which is a student run non profit whose focus is to catalyze student initiatives.

Outside of school, she is the Executive Director and Founder of E^3: Encouraging, Empowering, Eliminating Barriers. This is a mentoring program for motivated, underrepresented women in grades 7th-12th interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields (STEM). She is hoping her work will help close the gender, class, and achievement gap. For more information, please visit

Jwahir has been a mentee for the Harvard Athena Program for four years which focuses on gender empowerment and and ways to work towards a world where gender is not a determining factor in aspirations or opportunities. She was the first mentee to co-facilitate a workshop (fashion and gender expression) at the biannual Harvard Athena Conference and has set a precedent for future mentees.

In school, she has been on the Girls Varsity Softball team for three years and in the past has played in nearby cities during the off-season. She is a Freshmen Mentor and New Student Guide and is on the Freshmen Mentoring Advisory Board.

She has won several awards and accomplishments throughout these three years. She is a three time winner for the Cambridge Science Festival’s Curiosity Challenge. Ventures Scholar, and won the Unsung Hero for Citizenship and Leadership award her sophomore year. Jwahir was the first student comoderater in the history of Cambridge for a school committee debate. She has also been a guest speaker for MIT’s Leadership Training Institute twice.

To Jwahir, leadership is the ability to find remedy instead of fault. Leaders can take the transformative power in everyone’s differences and unique abilities and emancipate their potential.

Overall, Jwahir loves to explore her curiosities in class and out of class. She strives to not only engage herself in the world but make a positive impact.


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