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Keely Curry


image1Keely Curry is a 10th grader at Central Cabarrus High school in Concord, NC.   She was selected as a “star student of the year” as a freshman with a 4.5 GPA and a class rank of 1 out of 385.  Keely is a member of her high school student council and is the Sophomore Class President.  Keely is former two time NC Young Author, Math 24 bronze winner, and an essay finalist for the NC Soil and Water conservation.  She is a second year member and Vice President of the Cabarrus County Youth Council, which works with in conjunction with the elected Board of Commissioners to take action on youth issues in her community.   She is active in promoting school spirit and positive leadership as a varsity cheerleader and was also a JV softball player last year.  Keely is a second term national teen council member.  She has risen through ranks of Girl Scouts from a Daisy to her current rank as an Ambassador Girl Scout.  She has earned her Bronze and Silver award and is continuing to work towards her Gold, the highest achievement in Girl Scouts.  Her silver award included raising funds and performing the labor to complete necessary improvements for a local humane society cat shelter so that it would meet building code and thus enabling it to stay open.


Keely feels compelled to not only be involved in leadership for all youth but to also look for solutions that will make a difference.  Keely views leadership as a responsibility that she has to herself and to others. She believes that leadership is a circle that proves that by giving, you are truly receiving as well.  While you can accomplish many things as an individual, being a part of an organization and group of leaders provides a greater opportunity to make a difference on a larger scale.  Through leadership, she feels a duty to represent and be a voice for every youth.  She is not only a role-model through her actions, but also has as an advocate for those who may need help.  Keely sees herself as a leader who believes, wholeheartedly, that she can make a difference and wants to be involved by being informed and dedicated.  Keely is willing to lead by example and to jump in and do whatever it takes to get a job done.  Most importantly, she believes that a leader must inspire others.  Accordingly, a leader must demonstrate enthusiasm and past experience to lead others with conviction and heart.  Community service is a natural derivative of leadership and a duty.  The importance of community service is that it puts action to your words.  When you actually serve a homeless person a meal, you realize the need and that in turn inspires you to want to become a part of a solution.  Helping is what you accomplish by serving the meal, but working towards the solution is a sustainable and priceless gift that will help make changes for many. Keely feel grateful for opportunity of the extraordinary circle of service, community, and leadership.


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