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Wesley Johnson


Wes NTC PhotoWesley Johnson is currently serving as the Mayor of Pleasant View City Youth Council in Utah.  Throughout the year there are over 15 community outreach activities supported by the Youth Council, to include food drives, leadership conferences, serving at local soup kitchens, and assisting the city in setting up their events.

This past year, competing against law school students, Wesley was selected as an intern for the Office of the Utah Attorney General, the first high school student that has been awarded this position in the last 25 years.

Wesley has gained many leadership positions in the organizations that he has joined. He attends Weber High School where he is the president of the Weber High School Debate Team. He is the Co-President of the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association Youth Guild where he volunteers to assist patrons of the arts by ushering performances.

A majority of Wesley’s time is dedicated to his sport—fencing. He has been fencing since the age of 8 and has been fortunate enough to represent the United States in U-17 fencing at three World Cup tournaments in Austria, Sweden, as well as France. His dreams are that his fencing will get him into an Ivy League school so he can compete in Div. 1 fencing at a collegiate level.

When it comes to leadership, Wesley believes that there is no better way to leave a mark on this world. Wesley said, “seeing a person who can lead, regardless of whether I agree with them or not, is awe-inspiring because it means the ideas they have are about to be shared with others. It means these people have the power to change the world, and so do I.”


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