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National Teen Council Brochure

The Vision of the National Teen Council: To connect the nation’s brightest young leaders, providing them with resources and ideas to make an impact on both a local and nationwide level. 

The National Teen Council was founded as an opportunity to engage the nation’s greatest young leaders. The program is student-based and student-ran (and is not affiliated with any national government organization–rather, we are a student-led network of passionate student leaders). Motlanthe engages with Soshanguve Youth

There are two ways in which the National Teen Council operates:

1.) The National Teen Council Committee: Student leaders from across the nation can apply to be a part of this prestigious board. Selected leaders will engage in discussion about local and national youth issues, exchange leadership ideas, and take part in both local and national projects.  APPLY TODAY! To see more details about exactly what the National Teen Council Committee does, please click here.

2.) The National Teen Council partnership: Local teen/youth councils can partner with the National Teen Council. As a partner, your local council will be a member of a larger organization and network of councils. Ideas will be exchanged, projects will be highlighted, and newsletters will be sent out. If your city does not have a teen/youth council, we can provide materials to help start one up.

We hope to serve as an outlet to inspire America’s leaders of tomorrow.

About the National Teen Council Committee:

The National Teen Council Committee is a board of the nation’s brightest high school leaders.

The application process is selective, so students chosen to serve as board members will be able to connect with students who are truly the future leaders of America.

As a board member, students will have the opportunity to connect with other committee members, exchange ideas, plan events and nationwide projects, and be a part of this prestigious program. The program is student-based and student-ran, so what we achieve is up to the board members!

Some projects the National Teen Council Board Members will organize and partake in:

– Contribute to and distribute the National Teen Council newsletter to local Teen Councils and school student governments, promoting various service and leadership activities/ideas

– Lead a nationwide online student forum to gain student opinion on a designated topic

– Conduct surveys to determine the best ways to engage youth in communities

– Organize service projects that will be done in communities nationwide, all advocating a similar cause

– Create a campaign on a designated topic that is launched on a nationwide level

– And much more!