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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are meetings held for the National Teen Council Committee?

A. All meetings are held online. As our program grows, our goal is to obtain funding allowing for a nationwide meeting of members in Washington, D.C. or another location. However, this will likely not occur this year. If/when it does, it would definitely not be required of members.


Q. What did last year’s National Teen Council Committee accomplish?

A. The selected 2013-2014 NTC Committee will be the inaugural committee; this is the first year of making this an official program. By official, however, we do not mean government-endorsed; rather, this is student-led. The projects in mind are what is mentioned on our website, such as leading online student forums, creating a national campaign enacted on individual local levels as well, service projects advocating a selected cause, and multiple other opportunities as they arise. Another main goal is to connect youth councils nationwide and share ideas.


Q. What is the time commitment for the National Teen Council Committee?

A. Approximately one to two hours a week at a maximum. Because the group is student led, the time commitment is generally up to the members.  We don’t want NTC to be stressful; rather, we want it to be a way of connecting leaders from youth councils across the nation, so this can be flexible.


Q. When will applicants be notified?

A. Students selected for interviews will be notified on a rolling basis. 2014-2015 members will be selected by August 30.


Q. What is the cost of participation?

A. Participation in the National Teen Council Committee is free of cost. The only possible cost would be entirely optional for a T-shirt and would be kept under $20, but would in no way be required. Students, however, must have access to the internet.


Q. Do I have to be on a local youth council to participate in the National Teen Council Committee?

A. No. Any high school student can apply for the committee.